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Tower Of Trials

Located in the Swamps, through the building past Clara at the Outpost.

The task at hand is to defeat the boss on the 5th floor.  This is a rather tough quest to solo, so it is recommended that you form a group, or wait till you are well equipped, or closer to level 40.

To advance floors, you must locate the white sphere on the level, and use it the stone pedestal you start at.

On each floor, there are two tablets and one yellow tube that give experience. You do not have to hit these to advance, however it is recommended as they do give great exp.

On the third floor, there is a hole hidden on the map, that holds a chest with a juicy orb in it.

Tips: You can hold a sphere and recall, upon re-entry you can use the sphere to skip the first floor.

If you are having trouble with the difficulty of these quests, try clearing the floors for experience only, then recalling, re-potting, re-entering, and grabbing just the sphere to advance.


Quest 1 – Min Level 30

Quest 2 – Min Level 60

Quest 3 – Min Level 90

Quest 4 – Min Level 120