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Random Dungeons


The Random Dungeons were created by the Wizard of Yendor. He spent his life trying to imitate the Labyrinths that Ishtar created. Before his death he transferred all his magical energies into the shrines that he hid in his dungeons.

Now that the Wizard of Yendor has died, the apprentice takes care of the Random Dungeons.


The objective of the Random Dungeons is to touch all the Continuity Shrines in numerical order, from 10 to 99. Continuity Shrines give experience based on the dungeon level. Some dungeons have additional shrines with various uses.

To use the Shrines you need a Jewel of Yendor from a Dark Skeleton from that dungeons level.

You have 30 minutes to find the shrines before the dungeon collapses. If the dungeon collapses you get ejected back to the Apprentice unharmed. The dungeons have completely random layouts and are occupied by Dark Skeletons, Gas Traps, and Trap Doors. Dark Skeletons levels are equal to the dungeons level and they function like Warriors. They use War Cry and around level 30-33 also have Rage.
Gas traps are located along walls and do damage to the player. If the player is careless they can easily be killed or be severely weakened directly before a fight.
Trap doors are located on the floor and block passage. Walking onto a trap door makes the player jump back unharmed. To pass over a trap door the player needs to use a steel bar on it. Steel bars can be acquired from piles of bones that are randomly placed in the dungeons.

The create an random dungeon you have to say ‘create #’ to the Apprentice. For example, create 10.
You can also enter other peoples dungeons as long you are within five levels or the person that created the dungeon. For example, if a level 15 creates a dungeon, levels 10-20 can join him. To enter a dungeon find out the number by saying ‘list’, then, once you’ve got the number, say ‘enter #’.
You can only have one dungeon open at a time so if you need to destroy a dungeon say ‘destroy #’. Destroying dungeons is also a good way to eject other people who came into the dungeon with you without them having to use recall scrolls and also to eject player bodies for easy access.



Continuity Shrines are the main objective in the Random Dungeons. Every dungeon contains one and you need to get them all in numerical order. You cannot skip these, you Must go in order, if you miss one the shrine will say “You must first visit my younger brother.”

The amount of experience that a Continuity Shrine gives is based on the following formula:
(((RD level+1)^4)-(RD level^4))/6 rounded down.


The Bravery Shrine gives a large amount of experience as long as the player has used the Death Shrine.

The amount of experience that a Bravery Shrine gives is based on the following formula:
((RD level+1)^4)-(RD level^4)


Bribery Shrines take gold in return for experience. The more gold you have the more experience you get up to the max listed in the Random Dungeon List.

The amount of experience that a Bribery Shrine gives is based on the following formula:
(((RD level+1)^4)-(RD level^4))/3 rounded down.


The Death Shrine removes all saves and kills the player. For each save the player has will add more negative experience. The purpose of this is to allow the player to use the Bravery Shrine. It also adds the title “The Brave” in the players description.

It’s best to use the Death Shrine as soon as possible as negative experience is easier to work off at lower levels. It’s recommeneded that you use the L.O.E shrine before using the Death Shrine, If you have saves and use the death shrine you will receive more negative experience than if you had no saves. The more saves you have, the more negative experience you will get.


Indecisiveness Shrines reduce all your stats by ten so that you can re-allocate your experience.

WARNING: Using this shrine with negative experience can cause problems.


Jobless Shrines remove your professions so that you can pick other professions. They do not remove Profession stats and give experience back for them, nor do they give back gold spent on professions.

Living on the Edge

The Living on the Edge Shrine takes all of the players saves in return for experience, each save gives more experience.
If the player gains a level from the shrine then the save they will be given will also be taken but the player will not receive any experience for that save.

The amount of experience the Living on the Edge shrine gives is based on the following formula:
(((RD+1)^4)-(RD^4))/6*(saves*0.6+2) rounded down.


The Security Shrine gives the player up to a maximum of three saves. If the player only has three saves the shrine won’t do anything.


Vitality Shrines give +5 base Hitpoints for Warriors and Seyans and +5 base Mana for Mages. It’ll only go up to a max of 100 base Hitpoints/Mana so the best time to get it is at 95 Hitpoints/Mana.


The Welding Shrine swaps all the stats on one piece of equipped gear with another.
{C The player can make sure the Welding Shrine only swaps the stats on gear they want by only equipped those two pieces.

For example, a player has a +3 Attack/Sword Ring and a +5 Parry Cape equipped. When the player uses the shrine they’ll become a +5 Parry Ring and a +3 Attack/Sword Cape.

It’s also possible to weld stats onto blank gear.

Experience Caps

If you do a Random Dungeon at higher than +5 your level you will incur an experience cap. How it works is if you do go higher than +5, you’ll get the experience equal to if the dungeon was +5 your level.

For example:
A level 75 does Random Dungeon 99. Normally when they hit the Continuity Shrine they would get 656,733 experience because the formula for Continuity Shrines is (((RD level+1)^4)-(RD level^4))/6 rounded down, so in this case it would be (((99+1)^4)-(99^4))/6 rounded down = 656,733.
Instead, because they are capped down to +5 the players level, it would be (((80+1)^4)-(80^4))/6 rounded down = 347,786.

The same is also true for Bravery Shrines.

It is yet uncertain if it works this way for Bribery and Living on the Edge Shrines but it is assumed it is.

Random Dungeon List

Living on the Edge experience assumes you have three saves and Bribery experience assumes you have at least the listed amount of gold.

RD# Continuity Experience Additional Shrine Notes
10 773 Security
11 1,015 Indecisiveness
12 1,304 Welding Weld min lv 10
13 1,642 Living on the Edge 6,241 exp
14 2,034
15 2,485 Bribery 50g, 4,970 exp
16 2,997
17 3,575
18 4,224 Welding Weld min lv 13
19 4,946
20 5,746 Jobless
21 6,629
22 7,597 Bribery 150g, 15,195 exp
23 8,655
24 9,808 Indecisiveness
25 11,058 Welding Weld min lv 18
26 12,410 Living on the Edge 47,161 exp
27 13,869 Welding Weld min lv 20
28 15,437
29 17,119 Security
30 18,920 Vitality
31 20,842
32 22,890 Welding Weld min lv 24
33 25,069
34 27,381 Bribery 550g, 54,763 exp
35 29,831 Welding Weld min lv 26
36 32,424 Living on the Edge 123,211 exp
37 35,162 Death
38 38,050 Indecisiveness
39 41,093
40 44,293
41 47,655 Security
42 51,184 Living on the Edge 194,499 exp
43 54,882 Indecisiveness
44 58,754 Welding Weld min lv 34
45 62,805 Jobless
46 67,037 Welding Weld min lv 36
47 71,455
48 76,064 Bribery 1,550g, 152,128 exp
49 80,866
50 85,866
51 91,069 Bravery 546,415 exp
52 96,477 Welding Weld min lv 40
53 102,095
54 107,928 Bribery 2,200g, 215,856 exp
55 113,978
56 120,250 Welding Weld min lv 43
57 126,749 Indecisiveness
58 133,477 Security
59 140,439 Living on the Edge 533,671 exp
60 147,640
61 155,082 Jobless
62 162,770 Welding Weld min lv 48
63 170,709
64 178,901 Indecisiveness
65 187,351 Welding Weld min lv 50
66 196,064 Living on the Edge 745,043 exp
67 205,042 Bribery 4,000g, 410,085 exp
68 214,290
69 223,813 Security
70 233,613
71 243,695
72 254,064 Welding Weld min lv 56
73 264,722
74 275,674 Living on the Edge 1,047,564 exp
75 286,925 Security
76 298,477 Indecisiveness
77 310,335 Welding Weld min lv 60
78 322,504 Bribery 6,500g, 645,008 exp
79 334,986
80 347,786
81 360,909 Welding Weld min lv 64
82 374,357 Jobless
83 388,135 Indecisiveness
84 402,248
85 416,698 Security
86 431,490 Bribery 8,750g, 862,981 exp
87 446,629
88 462,117 Living on the Edge 1,756,046 exp
89 477,959 Welding Weld min lv 70
90 494,160
91 510,722 Living on the Edge 1,940,745 exp
92 527,650
93 544,949 Bribery 11,250g, 1,089,898 exp
94 562,621 Security
95 580,671 Welding Weld min lv 74
96 599,104 Indecisiveness
97 617,922 Jobless
98 637,130 Welding Weld min lv 77
99 656,733 Jobless


  • Hitting the Vitality Shrine with your respective stat at 95 gives 712,527 experience.