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At level 20, you will automatically acquire the skill ‘Profession’ which allows you to raise profession points (PPS). These points allow you to learn and invest in various professions that help supplement your levelling journey.

You are able to learn up to four individual professions, but your PPS is maxed at 25 pre-arch, and 50 post-arch. Each profession maxes at 25 PPS, so you are only able to master two professions.

To learn a new profession, you must have at least 5 PPS, and say ‘learn‘ to the appropriate Teacher at the Aston University (each Teacher will inform you of the profession they teach).

To increase your knowledge in that profession, you must return to the Teacher with at least 5 more PPS, and say ‘improve‘. Professions are raised in 5 PPS increments, up to 25.

Each Profession initially costs 300 gold to learn, then 250 gold to improve. The cost of Mastering a profession is 1,300 gold. Learning a profession, and each subsequent improvement increases that particular Profession by 5 levels.

5 PPS – Apprentice
10 PPS – Intermediate
15 PPS – Skilled
20 PPS – Very Skilled
25 PPS – Master

You can use /support to share some Professions (Enhancer, Trader, Alchemist, and Smith) with other players in the same location as you. Support allows another player to use your Profession just as if they had the Profession themselves. Once the player leaves the area, support is removed. You may also cancel support with /nosupport.

Currently, Aston University offers the following Professions:


The alchemist can create stronger potions, calling on the powers of the moons and the seasons at any time. Type: /time in game to see the current moon phase or season.

Potions created on full moons and equinoxes will have increased strength. While potions created on solstices will have increased strength and duration.

To see a full list of potions you can create, check the Alchemy page here.


The art of the Enhancer allows you to utilize the full power dormant in magic stones. An Enhancer can create strong orbs faster than normal. Stone strength is increased by PPS percentage; the higher level of Enhancer you obtain, the stronger your stones will be.

An enhancer will increase the strength and complexity of the stone when adding it to the orb by 1% per PPS, at 25% max. As a master enhancer you will also increase the quality by 10%.


Those skilled in the art of the Mercenary will collect pay for completed missions taken from the Governor.

As a Master Mercernary the payout is calculated as:

So, for a 2000 exp mission you would get 6000 silver, or 60 gold.


A skilled Miner will make better use of every vein of precious metal he finds. He also will not exhaust as fast as an unskilled miner.


A Smith can repair magic items using less silver units and gold units.


Trader gives players a sell or buy bonus when interacting with trader NPCs. This bonus stacks with the Trader clan bonus and the Bartering skill bonus.