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Lab 3


Main Objective:
Your objective is to kill the Immortal Master. However, this is easier said than done. The Master is immortal and is only vulnerable to a Deathfibrin staff. You will require not only strength but also wits to pass this labyrinth. The monsters here are around level 20.

What to do:
This quest can be very simple. The Gnome Fighter in the  room opposite the entrance will have an  InfraVision potion on him when he dies (rectangular Tan Colored Bottle). Kill him about 3-4 times and grab the potions When these potions are used they cause your eyes to itch. You will then find that you can see in the dark where previously even your torch couldn’t penetrate. Go to the left of the entrance and through the door guarded by a gnome guard. go through door and  straight on until you reach Dark Room with 2 doors, Use Right door, go through and Right again into long Dark Room, Go Right and through light then Dark room.  In the L shaped room you are in the wall is fake at the corner to the right of the door you entered.  Go down this secret passageway to another long Dark Room.  Go in the door opposite, kill everyone and put out the torches. Go through door to Death Fibrin staff, grab it (Like getting Clan Jewel) and hurry back to the secret passageway you came in through.  Put the Staff on the ground away from the end of passageway, go into L shaped room, kill gnomes and put out the torches. Retrieve staff and take it to next Dark Room,  Repeat till you get back to the main Dark Area next to the entrance.  Put down the staff, kill the single worker there and the two in the next room, put out all torches. retrieve Staff and go quickly to secret passage in L corner of room. Once in the passage go past the second door on wall, turn around and facing the way you came in open the door.  Use your attack on workers/guards, while clicking on the staff in inventory at the same time, this will kill the Immortal Master, Magic door will appear, click on it and you’re done and it’s on to the next lab.