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Lab 2

LABYRINTH 2 – “THE DEMON LORDS”        Min lvl 12
What to do:
The first goal is to find a stone weapon to fit your class. Go Southeast , Northeast, Southeast and then Southwest and you will come to a room with four chests, they contain a stone sword, staff, dagger and a two handed sword. In this room is also a magic using monster with a key to the secret door within a wall at the beginning. Spiders are much easier to kill than workers, useful shortcut once you have the key. The purpose of the stone weapon is it’s the only thing that can kill the Demon Lords. Your next goal is to find the main room with a mage, tall obelisks and slabs of stone. Once there talk to the mage, and listen VERY carefully. Basically you need to find the true names of the three Demon Lords in order to enter their chambers. The easiest one is the door on your left, touch the slab on the right first. Then the ritual begins. Enter the door to your left. turn right, kill monster, touch the slab to get Demon Lords true name. Turn around and go back to the main room. Enter the  obelisk square from side opposite obelisk you touched Stand exactly in the middle of the obelisks, in the middle space. Then SHOUT the Demon Lords true name, you will be teleported into his chamber. Kill him, take his head. On to the next ritual.The next two rituals are harder. Remember, if you touch the wrong slab within the mazes, the ritual will end. You will then have to touch the appropriate slab in the room with the obelisks to start over again. The good news is that once you kill a Demon Lord he will stay dead unless you leave the lab. If you come to get your body, the heads will still be on your corpse.The second step is to touch the slab to the left. Go through the center door at the top of the room. When you get to the crossway go left. Go to the end and touch the correct slab. If you don’t, you will have to go back and touch the right slab in the obelisks room again and restart the ritual. Go to the main room after you get the second Demon Lords true name and repeat the process to enter his chamber and kill him.The third step is to touch the slab at the top of the main room. Go through the door at the top again. When you get to the crossway, this time go right. You will go through a couple rooms with magic being fired off. Proceed until you reach a room with a chest. Don’t touch it. It is surrounded by spikes. And they hurt! Go through the final door and enter a room filled with lightning balls. Look where the lightning balls go, there are Safe spots in between each square wait till they stop, run to safe spot, wait till the go again and stop, run to next safe spot. Go up and around to the left to reach the slabs. There are three places in LB Trap Room where the LB will not reach you, a short strip in front of chests  a single square to left of Spike Trap area, and the single square immediately in front of the Central Tablet ( Blue ) By timing the breaks in LB’s you can get in and out without getting hit at all. (you must be 3 sq away from LB path) Watch out there are spikes in this room as well. When you get the final Demon Lords true name, leave and go back to the main room. Perform the moves to enter the Demon Lords chamber. When you have defeated all three Demon Lords, give the three heads to Laros in the beginning of the labyrinth. A magical gate will appear, enter to proceed to the next lab.