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Lab 1

LABYRINTH 1 – “GNALBS”       Min lvl 10

Enter the labyrinth, the Observer will greet you…    “To the east is an entrance to the Gnalbs winter residence. The Gnalbs are peaceful creatures, but their King and their Mage and the Guards are not. Bring me the Kings crown, the Mages Scepter to prove thou art worthy to enter the next lab.”
The Gnalb are around level 10. Do not attack Gnalbs AVOID Guards, Use Stealth mode

What to do:
Go to Gnalb King’s Hut in center of area (79,207) and get Crown. Then find Crazy Gnalb (117,191) to get hint on Mage Key. Get Key from fire (71,188) north of Kings hut. Proceed to Gnalb Mage House (39,185) at first steps (46,203) and unlock door with key. Get Scepter. Now return to the Observer and give him the crown and the scepter, then he will open a magical gate, use it and move on to the next lab.