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List of Equipment

Single Stat

Hitpoints Surround Hit
Endurance Speedskill
Mana Bless
Wisdom Heal
Intuition Freeze
Agility Magic Shield
Strength Lightning
Hand to Hand Fire
Dagger Bartering
Staff Perception
Sword Stealth
Two-Handed Regenerate
Attack Meditate
Parry Immunity
Warcry Duration
Tactics Rage


Dual Stat

Combat Attack Parry
Tactical Offense Attack Tactics
Counter Attack Immunity
Barrage Attack Surround Hit
Agile Fighting Attack Speedskill
Fury Attack Rage
Tactical Defense Parry Tactics
Tanking Parry Immunity
Guarding Parry Surround Hit
Agile Defense Parry Speedskill
Enrage Parry Rage
The One-Handed Defense Sword Attack
The One-Handed Defense Sword Parry
The One-Handed Resistance Sword Immunity
The One-Handed Tactics Sword Tactics
The Two-Handed Offense Two-Handed Attack
The Two-Handed Defense Two-Handed Parry
The Two-Handed Resistance Two-Handed Immunity
The Two-Handed Tactics Two-Handed Tactics
Skilled Offense Dagger Attack
Skilled Defense Dagger Parry
Skilled Fury Dagger Tactics
Offensive Fists Hand to Hand Attack
Defensive Fists Hand to Hand Parry
Resistant Fists Hand to Hand Immunity
Fury Fists Hand to Hand Rage
Mighty Fighting Strength Attack
Mighty Guarding Strength Parry
The Fearsome Cry Strength Warcry
Tactical Might Strength Tactics
Atheletes Agility Speedskill
Quick Regen Agility Regenerate
Offensive Health Hitpoints Attack
Defensive Health Hitpoints Parry
Tactical Health Hitpoints Tactics
Howling Warcry Endurance
Bravery Warcry Surround Hit
Camouflage Warcry Regenerate
Tactical Warcry Tactics Warcry
Tactical Bartering Tactics Bartering
Tactical Fury Tactics Rage
Tactical Resistance Tactics Immunity
The Thief Stealth Speedskill
The Athelete Endurance Speedskill
Skilled Shielding Dagger Magic Shield
Skilled Light Dagger Bless
Skilled Resistance Dagger Immunity
Skilled Sorcery Dagger Mana
Shielding Hands Hand to Hand Magic Shield
Holy Hands Hand to Hand Bless
Magic Hands Hand to Hand Mana
Defensive Wizardry Staff Magic Shield
Resistant Wizardry Staff Immunity
Holy Wizardry Staff Bless
Defensive Wizardry Staff Mana
Firestorm Lightning Fire
Lightning Shield Lightning Magic Shield
Counter Storms Lightning Immunity
Frozen Flashes Lightning Freeze
Endless Storm Lightning Duration
Magic Storm Lightning Mana
Burning Shield Fire Magic Shield
Immune Burning Fire Immunity
Frostfire Fire Freeze
Magic Flames Fire Mana
Frozen Freeze Duration
Resistant Freezer Freeze Immunity
Holy Ice Freeze Bless
Magic Tanking Magic Shield Immunity
Energy Magic Shield Mana
Shielding Hitpoints Magic Shield
Magic Stamina Hitpoints Mana
Survival Hitpoints Heal
Yoga Mana Meditate
Healing Mana Heal
Sorcery Mana Duration
Light Bless Mana
The Priest Bless Heal
Durable Light Bless Duration
Storming Focus Intuition Lightning
Fiery Focus Intuition Fire
Wise Bolts Wisdom Lightning
Wise Flames Wisdom Fire
Hidden Magic Stealth Lightning
The Storming Blade Sword Lightning
The Burning Blade Sword Fire
The Frozen Blade Sword Freeze
The Magic Blade Sword Mana
Two-Handed Storming Sword Lightning
Two-Handed Burning Sword Fire
Two-Handed Freezing Sword Freeze
Two-Handed Sorcery Sword Mana
Seyan Attack Flash
Seyan II Attack Fire
Seyan’Du Attack Freeze
The Wounded Heal Regenerate
Recovery Regenerate Meditate
Tactical Magic Tactics Mana
Tactical Storm Tactics Flash
Tactical Flames Tactics Fire
Demoralization Freeze Warcry
Stamina Hitpoints Endurance
Resisting Health Hitpoints Immunity
Readiness Strength Intuition
Force Strength Agility
Experience Strength Wisdom
Fast Thinking Intuition Agility
The Arcane Intuition Wisdom
Rapidness Agility Wisdom
Efficient Resisting Wisdom Immunity
Resistance Intuition Immunity
Mighty Resistance Strength Immunity
Hiding Agility Stealth
Vision Intuition Perception
Trading Intuition Bartering
Thieving Intuition Stealth
Visions Wisdom Perception
Selling Wisdom Bartering
The Scout Stealth Endurance



Tri Stat

The Two-Handed Warrior Two-Handed Attack Parry
The Two-Handed Hero Two-Handed Attack Immunity
The Two-Handed Aggressor Two-Handed Attack Rage
The Two-Handed Tanker Two-Handed Parry Immunity
The Two-Handed Combatant Two-Handed Surround Hit Speedskill
The Two-Handed Soldier Two-Handed Strength Agility
The Monk Hand to Hand Attack Parry
The Resilient Monk Hand to Hand Attack Immunity
The Furious Monk Hand to Hand Attack Rage
The Tanking Monk Hand to Hand Parry Immunity
The Agile Monk Hand to Hand Surround Hit Speedskill
The Skilled Fighter Dagger Attack Parry
The Skilled Rogue Dagger Attack Immunity
The Skilled Aggressor Dagger Attack Rage
The Skilled Tanker Dagger Parry Immunity
The Skilled Combatant Dagger Surround Hit Speedskill
The One-Handed Warrior Sword Attack Parry
The One-Handed Hero Sword Attack Immunity
The One-Handed Aggressor Sword Attack Rage
The One-Handed Tanker Sword Parry Immunity
The One-Handed Combatant Sword Surround Hit Speedskill
The One-Handed Soldier Sword Strength Agility
The Warrior Attack Parry Immunity
The Arch-Warrior Attack Parry Rage
The Tactician Attack Parry Tactics
The Combatant Attack Parry Surround Hit
The Tank Parry Immunity Rage
The Defendant Parry Immunity Tactics
The Blocker Parry Immunity Speedskill
The Warchief Hitpoints Tactics Warcry
The Cleaver Hitpoints Tactics Surround Hit
The Leader Hitpoints Tactics Speedskill
The Undefeated Hitpoints Tactics Rage
The Resilient Hitpoints Tactics Immunity
The Triumphant Hitpoints Rage Immunity
Gale Agility Strength Speedskill
The Gladiator Strength Agility Attack
Defensive Flow Strength Agility Parry
The Strategist Strength Agility Tactics
The Militant Strength Agility Rage
The Commander Intuition Wisdom Rage
Swift Immunity Intuition Agility Immunity
The Champion Intuition Agility Parry
Devastation Wisdom Tactics Warcry
Ruination Intuition Tactics Warcry
The Everlasting Warrior Wisdom Tactics Rage
The Crusader Intuition Tactics Rage
Battle Warcry Endurance Surround Hit
Warfare Warcry Tactics Rage
The Fearsome Howl Warcry Tactics Speedskill
The True Warrior Warcry Tactics Immunity
The Everlasting Caster Hitpoints Immunity Mana
The Guardian Hitpoints Endurance Mana
The Skilled Conjuror Dagger Lightning Fire
The Skilled Survivor Dagger Hitpoints Magic Shield
The Skilled Caster Dagger Hitpoints Mana
The Skilled Priest Dagger Magic Shield Immunity
The Skilled Warmage Dagger Strength Agility
The Skilled Enchanter Dagger Intuition Wisdom
The Punching Conjuror Hand to Hand Lightning Fire
The Punching Survivor Hand to Hand Hitpoints Magic Shield
The Punching Caster Hand to Hand Hitpoints Mana
The Punching Priest Hand to Hand Magic Shield Immunity
The Wielding Conjuror Staff Lightning Fire
The Wielding Survivor Staff Hitpoints Magic Shield
The Wielding Caster Staff Hitpoints Mana
The Wielding Priest Staff Magic Shield Immunity
The Wielding Warmage Staff Strength Agility
The Wielding Enchanter Staff Intuition Wisdom
Destruction Lightning Fire Magic Shield
Sorcery Lightning Fire Immunity
Hell II Lightning Fire Freeze
Magical Offense Lightning Fire Bless
Firestorm Lightning Fire Mana
The Mage Lightning Magic Shield Immunity
Heaven Lightning Magic Shield Bless
Arch-Mage Lightning Magic Shield Duration
Stormfrost Lightning Freeze Magic Shield
The Pyromancer Fire Magic Shield Immunity
Hell Fire Magic Shield Bless
The Melting Shield Fire Freeze Magic Shield
The Hellbringer Intuition Lightning Fire
The Lightbringer Wisdom Lightning Fire
The Arcane Stormer Intuition Wisdom Lightning
The Arcane Burner Intuition Wisdom Fire
The Arcane Freezer Intuition Wisdom Freeze
The Arcane Magician Intuition Wisdom Mana
The Arcane Protector Intuition Wisdom Magic Shield
The Strong Spellcaster Strength Agility Mana
Ultimate Protection Hitpoints Immunity Magic Shield
Ultimate Preservation Hitpoints Mana Magic Shield
The Tactical Guardian Hitpoints Tactics Mana
The One-Handed Sorcerer Sword Lightning Fire
The One-Handed Icestormer Sword Lightning Freeze
The One-Handed Magician Sword Attack Magic Shield
The One-Handed Stormer Sword Attack Lightning
The One-Handed Firestarter Sword Attack Fire
The One-Handed Paladin Sword Parry Magic Shield
The One-Handed Conjuror Sword Parry Lightning
The One-Handed Theurgist Sword Parry Fire
The Two-Handed Sorcerer Two-Handed Lightning Fire
The Two-Handed Icestormer Two-Handed Lightning Freeze
The Two-Handed Magician Two-Handed Attack Magic Shield
The Two-Handed Stormer Two-Handed Attack Lightning
The Two-Handed Firestarter Two-Handed Attack Fire
The Two-Handed Paladin Two-Handed Parry Magic Shield
The Two-Handed Conjuror Two-Handed Parry Lightning
The Two-Handed Theurgist Two-Handed Parry Fire
The Skilled Magician Dagger Attack Magic Shield
The Skilled Stormer Dagger Attack Lightning
The Skilled Firestarter Dagger Attack Fire
The Skilled Paladin Dagger Parry Magic Shield
The Skilled Conjuror Dagger Parry Lightning
The Skilled Theurgist Dagger Parry Fire
The Punching Magician Hand to Hand Attack Magic Shield
The Punching Stormer Hand to Hand Attack Lightning
Punching Firestarter Hand to Hand Attack Fire
The Punching Paladin Hand to Hand Parry Magic Shield
The Punching Conjuror Hand to Hand Parry Flash
The Punching Theurgist Hand to Hand Parry Fire
The Annihilator Attack Lightning Fire
The Obliterator Attack Parry Lightning
The Destroyer Attack Parry Fire
The Exterminator Attack Parry Freeze
The Eliminator Attack Parry Mana
The Tactical Firestormer Lightning Fire Tactics
The Tactical Icestormer Lightning Freeze Tactics
Tactical Lightning Tactics Lightning Mana
Tactical Burning Tactics Fire Mana
Tactical Protection Tactics Immunity Mana
Tactical Frost Wisdom Tactics Freeze
Tactical Blaze Wisdom Tactics Fire
Tactical Survival Wisdom Tactics Mana
Rallying Light Wisdom Warcry Lightning
Rallying Fire Wisdom Warcry Fire
Wise Fury Wisdom Mana Rage
Wary Haste Wisdom Mana Speedskill
The Punisher Strength Agility Immunity
The Hero Strength Intuition Immunity
The Cleric Wisdom Intuition Immunity
The Traveler Wisdom Agility Immunity
The Arch Mage Intuition Wisdom Strength
The Agile Mage Intuition Wisdom Agility
The Arch Warrior Intuition Agility Strength
The Bright Warrior Strength Agility Wisdom
Longevity Strength Agility Hitpoints
Constitution Intuition Wisdom Hitpoints
Smart Survival Hitpoints Immunity Intuition
Wise Survival Hitpoints Immunity Wisdom
The Trader Intuition Wisdom Bartering
The Scholar Intuition Wisdom Perception
The Rogue Intuition Agility Stealth
The Playerkiller Intuition Perception Stealth
The Sly Intuition Agility Perception
Jeremy Regenerate Meditate Bartering