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Ice Underground

Area 1 Map

What to do

Each section contains an Ice Key that will open the Locked Doors.  The Key, however, Melts so be sure and use it quickly.  Each Fire Pit has a scroll by it, the scroll returns you to that particular fire pit.  Looking at the scroll however does not tell you which fire pit it will return you to.  Be sure you arrange them in inventory so you can tell which is which, and DON’T use the SORT command.  If you are frozen by ice Demons you will need to go to a Fire Pit to completely thaw out. Ruby is in Level 52. to the right of Teleport 8(5?), she’s cold and needs a fire scroll.

Other Treasures, are listed below.

For the path through teleport labyrinth in lower right corner of map, be sure to follow the dotted line exactly.  Teleport Doors are numbered to show links.  There are 4 AK in teleport section.

Use a downloaded copy of map in a paint program so you can check your coords in teleport maze and find out where you are especially when looking for AK.

The green Arrow by Teleport 6(3?) is the entrance to IU2 area, when you pass through you will loose all fire scrolls in your possession

The grey roman numerals in the long corridors leading to AK are the level of the demons in that corridor.

Area 2 Map

What to do

You enter from IU 1, near teleporter #6

The fire pits here do not give scrolls.  Next to the first fire pit you find a Fiery Death (Contact Mine)

When you enter the area you will see a floating Ice Eye patrolling, if you are seen the alarm will be given and lvl 72 Ice Demons will rush out of guardhouse and attack.

Just past teleport 5 in the small maze there are two books of AK bringing your total to 62

The last book of AK bringing your total to 63 is at 205,114 in hidden area just past the maze behind the Guard Shack, look for the fake wall.

Ice Golems have key parts.

Once you have all the Key parts you enter the Palace.