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By: Ethereal

Main Classes


The warrior is the classic hack and slash character of Astonia utilizing either a one-handed or two-handed sword to attack their opponents, while wearing chain or plate mail armor to decrease damage taken from physical hits. This is often considered the easiest class to play as it requires minimal interaction between the player and the character.

The warrior’s main offensive skills are Attack and weapon (either Sword or Two-handed) which increase your chances to hit your opponent. The main defensive stats are Parry, which provides defense to dodge your opponent’s hits, and Immunity, which decreases the amount of damage you take from magic skills. The warrior relies heavily on these four skills, as well as relying heavily on the three attributes: Strength, Agility, Intuition and the main skill Hitpoints.

Other skills that the warrior utilizes are: Tactics, Surround Hit, Speed Skill, and Warcry. These skills increase your offense and defense at regular intervals, increase the chance to deal damage to foes surrounding you, increase your movement and combat speed, and decrease your opponent’s stats, respectively. Upon completion of all five labyrinths and the subsequent killing of the gatekeeper the warrior unlocks the skill Rage which increases offense and defense over time in battle. The longer you are in battle the higher your Rage gets.

If you want a laid-back style of play, this is the class for you.



The mage is the most interactive class in Astonia and is considered to most difficult to play due to its lack of ability to mitigate physical damage, since it can only wear cloth armor. Despite this, the mage can be the most powerful class by using Mana to deal massive amounts of magic damage over a short time. The mage uses Mana to cast every one of its spells.

This class uses the offensive skills Lightning, to deal damage over time, and Fire, to deal large amounts of damage instantly. Combined, these two skills provide some of the highest DPS in the game. For defense the mage uses Magic Shield, which provides a shield that acts as a second health bar as well as increasing your defense to dodge hits. The Mage also needs to rely on immunity to decrease magic damage taken. The Mage will need to rely heavily on the attributes Intuition and Wisdom, as well as have enough Mana to cast your spells.

The mage also has a variety of support skills to choose from as well. Bless is a must-have. It will increase your attributes (Wisdom, Intuition, Agility, and Strength) resulting in increasing every one of your stats. The weapon skill for mage (Dagger, Staff, or Hand to Hand) is used to increase your offense and defense. Freeze will decrease your opponent’s movement and combat speed, allowing you to take less damage since the enemy won’t attack as fast. Heal allows you to heal yourself or your teammates in battle with a healing-over-time effect. After completing of the labyrinths and killing the gatekeeper the mage unlocks the skill Duration, which increases the duration of your Lightning skill and Bless.

If you want an interactive and faster-paced gameplay, this is the class for you.

Hybrid Classes

After completing all five labyrinths, the player has the option to become an Arch-Warrior or Arch-Mage, unlocking skills mentioned before, or they may choose to restart their character at level 2 as one of three hybrid classes: Seyan’du, Battlemage, or Monk. These three hybrid classes utilize select skills from both the Mage and the Warrior to create a unique style of play seen in each class.



The Seyan’du (or Seyan, for short) is the original hybrid class of Astonia. The Seyan takes all aspects of the Warrior, excluding Rage, combined with Lightning, Fire, Freeze, and Heal from the Mage to create a high damage dealing character that remains tough to kill. The Seyan can still use swords and wear armor while using Mana to cast spells.

The Seyan’s main offensive skills are the same as the Warrior, utilizing Weapon and Attack, but also using Lightning or Fire, or both. Combined with surround hit, the Seyan can deal massive damage to groups of opponents using Lightning or Fire while remaining a tough opponent to kill. The Seyan can also play a more defensive route and specialize in using Heal to protect itself to remain valiant during one on one fights. This character will need to rely on all four attributes if it chooses to cast magic skills, otherwise it can use just Intuition, Agility, and Strength if it chooses to play more like a warrior.

Support skills are like both the Mage and the Warrior. After killing the gatekeeper, you may choose to become an Arch-Seyan’du, with no added skills.

If you want a well-rounded class that has multiple play-style routes, this is the class for you.



The Battlemage is similar to the Seyan, but instead of using Tactics it uses Bless. The Battlemage also uses Magic Shield but does not have Speed Skill. This makes the character very tough to kill while still dealing high amounts of damage with a sacrifice of speed.

The Battlemage uses the same main offensive skills as the Warrior, but it also has access to Lightning and Fire from the Mage. Like the Seyan, this character can be specialized to deal fast damage to large amounts of enemies using both spells and weapons, or it can be specialized to be extra tough using Magic Shield and Heal to stay alive in battle longer than any other class.

Due to is loss of speed skill it is generally the slowest class, but the use of Bless makes up for this loss. Bless will increase all attributes (Wisdom, Intuition, Agility, and Strength) to give it extra damage per hit from Strength, some speed from Agility, and bonuses to weapon skills from Intuition, Agility, and Strength, and bonuses to Spells from Intuition and Wisdom.

After killing the gatekeeper, you can become an Arch-Battlemage with no extra skills.

If you want to stay alive longer than anyone else, this is the class for you.



The Monk is the trickiest of all hybrids, as it can only use Hand to Hand and can only wear cloth armor. This makes it the weakest of character classes, taking more damage than any other. However, the monk has Bless, Rage, and Speed Skill, potentially making it the strongest and fastest character end-game.

The only spells the Monk has from the Mage are Bless and Heal. The Monk has every skill from the Warrior, minus the support skills Tactics and Warcry. Since the Monk cannot wear chain or plate mail armor there is no innate speed reduction. Additionally, the use of Bless gives the Monk a boost to speed by increasing Agility, which when combined with Speed Skill allows it to attack faster than any other class. Bless also increases Strength to make the Hand to Hand skill viable.

Once you kill the gatekeeper, you can become an Arch-Monk and gain the skill Rage. With Rage the Monk is arguably the strongest character in the game.

If you want to play a faster paced warrior with a high-risk high-reward build, this is the class for you.






Hitpoints Hitpoints Hitpoints Hitpoints Hitpoints
Endurance Endurance Endurance Endurance Endurance
Mana Mana Mana Mana
Wisdom Wisdom Wisdom Wisdom Wisdom
Intuition Intuition Intuition Intuition Intuition
Agility Agility Agility Agility Agility
Strength Strength Strength Strength Strength
Dagger Dagger Dagger Dagger
Hand to Hand Hand to Hand Hand to Hand Hand to Hand Hand to Hand
Sword Staff Sword Sword
Two-Handed Two-Handed Two-Handed
Immunity Immunity Immunity Immunity Immunity
Attack Attack Attack Attack
Parry Parry Parry Parry
Tactics Tactics
Warcry Warcry Warcry
Surround Hit Surround Hit Surround Hit Surround Hit
Speed Skill Speed Skill Speed Skill
Bless Bless Bless
Heal Heal Heal Heal
Freeze Freeze Freeze
Magic Shield Magic Shield
Lightning Lightning Lightning
Fire Fire Fire
Bartering Bartering Bartering Bartering Bartering
Perception Perception Perception Perception Perception
Stealth Stealth Stealth Stealth Stealth
Regenerate Regenerate Regenerate Regenerate Regenerate

When Arched

Rage Duration Rage