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Clans, Raids, Spawners

Clan System


All clans depend on one commodity, Jewels. Jewels are used to pay the lease for the clan hall and to provide any clan bonuses the clan desires. Jewels can be found in special rooms that are easy to recognize by the blue pedestal they contain. Any blue pedestal might hold Jewels. Anyone can obtain Jewels, but unless properly stored, they deteriorate very fast. Storing Jewels in a clan vault keeps them fresh. If two clans are at war, their members can kill each other – regardless of level – in all clan areas. Clan areas are the clan halls and other specially marked places. The rooms containing Jewels are marked as arenas, so anyone can kill anyone else in there, but without loss of items or experience. If two clans are at feud, all their members within a three-level range can attack each other, no matter where they are, unless the area is a peaceful zone. RIGHT CLICK on the ground to find these areas. Entering feud status requires both clans to agree to it, so some clans may choose never to take part in feuds as a matter of policy.


To found a clan, go to a transport station, choose a clan to transport to, and talk to the Clanmaster. He will ask you for the name you want your clan to bear, and for a Jewel. Once you’ve given him both, you’ll be the leader of a new clan. Note that in order to keep your clan alive, you’ll need to pay Jewels. Unless you’re very good at regularly obtaining Jewels yourself, you’ll need a group of dedicated players to help you with Jewel gathering. Once the clan is founded, you can use any transport station to go to your clan hall.


Each clan hall has a clan vault. The clan vault can be attacked by members of other clans that you are at war or feud with. The clan vault is protected by three cannons that will target any attackers. The clan vault starts with 100% life. Once the clan vault’s life reaches 0, the attackers will win a number of Jewel Points.

Clan Bonuses

To attract members, each clan can buy bonuses for them. Each bonus can be set to a level ranging from 0 (bonus is disabled) to 20 (a huge bonus). The cost for each bonus is its level in Jewel Points per week.

To adjust the bonus levels, go to the clan clerk and tell him: “set bonus <nr> <level>”

Currently, the following bonuses exist:

Nr Name
0 Pentagram Solve Bonus
1 Trading Bonus
2 Gear Preservation
3 Smith
4 Enhancer

Increasing a bonus costs increase/4 jewels. So to increase the Smith bonus from 10 to 20 would cost 10/4=2.5 jewels. Increasing Enhancer from 0 to 20 would cost 20/4=5 jewels.
Decreasing a bonus is free.


To keep your clan alive, you’ll have to provide it with a steady income of Jewels. The minimum maintenance fee for a clan is 100 points per week (you can view the cost using the /clan command). To add a Jewel to your clan vault, simply give it to your clan clerk. If you cannot pay for the maintenance of your clan, your clan will eventually be destroyed.


Each clan is linked to all the other clans. The relations of one clan to another are clearly defined, varying from alliance to feud. The clan leader can change the status of his clan’s relations with another by going to the clan’s clerk and telling him: “relation <clan> <relation>” where <clan> is the number for the clan whose relations with your clan you wish to change and <relation> is the number for the status of relations you want to set.

Clan Relations:

1 Alliance
2 Peace Treaty
3 Neutral
4 War
5 Feud


Allied clans can visit each other’s clan halls. Both clan leaders need to set the status of their relations to Alliance for an alliance to be formed. If, after an alliance has been formed, one of the allied clans wants to reduce the status of their relations, it will take 24 (earth) hours for the change to come into effect. The status of their relations can only be changed to Peace Treaty. If both sides agree on diminished (or reduced) relations, the change happens at once.

Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty requires both clan leaders to set the status of their relations to Treaty before it becomes operative. One-sided reduction of relations takes 24 (earth) hours to come into effect.


Neutral is the basic status and starting point for all clan relations. Going from Neutral to War takes one (earth) hour.


Members of clans at war can attack each other in clan areas. They can also steal the other clan’s Jewels through the clan vault. A change from War to Feud or to Neutral, Peace Treaty, or Alliance, necessitates the consent of both clan leaders.


Feud is…total war. All members of both clans within a three-level range can attack each other, no matter where, except peaceful zones. RIGHT CLICK on the ground to find out what zone you are in. No clan can be forced into a feud, it requires an agreement between both leaders. A one-sided ending of the feud takes 24 (earth) hours to come into effect.

Clan Treasury

Each clan has its own bank account. Members ranked 1-4 can view it with the /clan command. All members can also deposit money into the account by telling the clan clerk: “deposit <amount>” Clan members of rank 3 or better clan remove money from the clan account by telling the clan clerk: “withdraw <amount>”


To accept a new member, an existing clan member (rank 2 and above) and the potential new member need to pay a visit to a Clanmaster, where the existing clan member must say: “accept: <name of new member>”. Then the new member must say: “join: <name of existing member>” Any member can leave the clan at any time by going to the Clanmaster and saying: “leave!” (the exclamation mark must be used too). Clan leaders can fire any clan member by going to the Clanmaster and saying: “fire: <name of clan member>


Each clan member has a rank within the clan. These are numbered 0 to 4, and the clan leader can assign names to these ranks by telling the clerk: “rank name <nr> <name>” He can also change any member’s rank by telling the Clanmaster: “rank: <name> <nr>” Note that rank 4 is the rank reserved for clan leaders. Any clan member at this rank becomes a clan leader and holds the same powers as the clan’s founder, including the power to reduce the founder’s rank. At rank 3 or better, the clan member may access the clan treasury and withdraw money, and buy and use clan defenses. Clan members with rank 2 or better may recruit members.


All important actions of clans and their members get logged, and can be checked by all players. The command to do so is: /clanlog. Use of this command will show all clan activities which have occurred during the last 24 (earth) hours. To search for specific occurrences, /clanlog can be modified with parameters:

-p <name> – Show only entries created for player <name>
-c <number> – Show only entries created clan <number>
-x <priority> – Show only entries of <priority> or lower
-s <hours> – Show only entries <hours> old or newer (start time)
-e <hours> – Show only entries <hours> old or older (end time)

To get all important actions for your clan use: /clanlog -c 4 -x 10 -s 336
-c 4 restricts the output to clan 4 (you have to change the number to match your clan, of course)
-x 10 restricts the output to relation changes and raids.
-s 336 gets all entries for the last two weeks

To get a history about a specific player use: /clanlog -p Ishtar -x 15 -s 1344
-p Ishtar will restrict the output to this player (change the name to fit your needs)
-x 15 ignores all entries less important than joining or leaving clans
-s 1344 gets all entries for the last eight weeks
You could also use -x 25 to see when that player deposited a jewel in the clan vault.

Please note that /clanlog will not output more than 100 entries per call. If no start time is specified, it will be set to 24 hours. If no end time is specified, it will be set to zero hours.


To make your clan website show on the clan overview page, tell the clan clerk: “website <name>” The name must not contain the leading “http://”.
Example: “website”