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Four attributes form the base for most other skills and spells. These are Wisdom, Intuition, Agility and Strength. In the game, RIGHT CLICK on these attributes in your stats window to read about them. You must use the right combination of these attributes to enhance your most important skills.

Each skill and spell is based on three of the attributes. The actual skill/spell level is calculated by adding the attributes and dividing them by 5 (plus adding the skill, of course):


Attributes cannot be enhanced by more than 50% through the use of Bless and special items.

Skills and Spells

In the game, RIGHT CLICK on these the skills and spells in your stats window to read about each one. Skills cannot be enhanced by more than 50% through the use of special items.


Primary Fighting Skills

Dagger Intuition Agility Strength
Hand to Hand Agility Strength Strength
Staff Intuition Agility Strength
Sword Intuition Agility Strength
Two-Handed Agility Strength Strength

Secondary Fighting Skills

Attack Intuition Agility Strength
Parry Intuition Agility Strength
Warcry Intuition Agility Strength
Tactics Intuition Agility Strength
Surround Hit Intuition Agility Strength
Speed Skill Intuition Agility Strength


Bless Intuition Intuition Wisdom
Heal Intuition Intuition Wisdom
Freeze Intuition Intuition Wisdom
Magic Shield Intuition Intuition Wisdom
Lightning Intuition Intuition Wisdom
Fire Intuition Intuition Wisdom

Misc. Skills

Speed Agility Agility Strength
Immunity Intuition Wisdom Strength
Rage Intuition Strength Strength
Duration Intuition Wisdom Strength
Regenerate Strength Strength Strength
Meditate Wisdom Wisdom Wisdom
Bartering Intuition Intuition Wisdom
Perception Intuition Intuition Wisdom
Stealth Intuition Agility Agility