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Ruby’s Weapons

If you do favours for Ruby she will return the favour by giving you a dual-statted weapon. The weapon will be based on your highest weapon stat. You also get a choice of two stats. The first being a choice between Bless, Tactics and your highest weapon stat. The second being a choice between Wisdom, Intuition, Agility and Strength.

If you upset Ruby by saying impolite things you can buy an apple and give it to her so that she will speak to you again.

When you encounter Ruby in one of her various locations she will ask for a favour. Make sure that your responses to her are polite. The more favours you do for her the higher stats will be on the weapon up to the maximum that you can equip for your level. After you have done two favours for her visit her in her house in Aston to pick your weapon. If you don’t like the weapon she offers you, you can choose not to accept it and work on doing more favours for her.

MINIMUM 30 points to get a weapon from ruby.

260 Points to gain for max +20

Ruby will never give you a weapon you can’t use, even if you do more favours for her.

Below Chart Points*20/260 = would be the + you get.

Points to + round down until Points hit the next highest plus.

Level Below 14: +3
Level Below 20: +4
Level Below 23: +5
Level Below 27: +6
Level Below 31: +7
Level Below 35: +8
Level Below 40: +9
Level Below 44: +10
Level Below 48: +11
Level Below 53: +12
Level Below 57 +13
Level Below 61: +14
Level Below 66: +15
Level Below 70: +16
Level Below 74: +17
Level Below 79: +18
Level Below 83: +19
Level 83 and above : +20
MAX +9 for NON Arch Classes.

Location Coordinates What she wants Stat gain
Mines: Level 10 190,250 A Torch 20 Points +1.5
Zombie III: Gold Shrine 94,11 A Gold Skull 40 Points +3.0
Swamp: Left Path 190,232 A Swamp Beast Head 20 Points +1.5
Earth Underground: Zalina Entrance 94,11 An Orange Crystal 20 Points +1.5
Exkordon Forest: Skeleton Ruin 140,220 A Spade 20 Points +1.5
Fire Underground: Station 20 219,112 A Big Red Crystal 20 Points +1.5
Aston Sewer: 13/14/15/16 Junction 69,192 Ghestroz, Hangot and Ivnan mushrooms 30 Points +2.3
Exkordon: Robbers 95,49 The Governor’s favourite pie; Strawberry. 20 Points +1.5
Ice Underground: Ice 5 Maze 140,47 A Fire Scroll 20 Points +1.5
Ice Underground: Ice Palace 130,58 One of Islena’s Rings 50 Points +3.8