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Aston is the second main location within Astonia, and is the main (if not largest) city in the game. You will find the majority of the game population here most of the time. There are shops (most predominantly Jeremy), Traders (who will conduct safe trades with other players), Janitors (to clean up after our sloppiness), quest givers, a Governor to give out missions, the Sand Arena, a safe PvP area to test out builds and arguably most importantly: An entrance to the Pentagram Quest.

Related Quests



  • Jeremy – General Shop / Potions
  • Manfred – Staff Shop
  • Norbert – Two-Handed Sword Shop
  • Ludwig – Sleeves Shop
  • Karl – Armor Shop
  • Lugh – Specialty Rings/Necklace/Belts/Cape/Boots/Bracelet
  • Dibbler – General Shop * (Located near Arenas/SA) *
  • Jukand – Recall Scroll Shop
  • Manuel – Dagger Shop
  • Noel – Sword Shop
  • Larkun – Leggings Shop
  • Konstantin – Helmet Shop

Quest Givers


  • Governor
  • Gatekeeper
  • Ruby
  • Janitor
  • Wesley
  • Trader
  • Teacher
  • Thomas
  • Geronimo
  • Arena manager


  • Palace
  • Graveyard
  • Park
  • Garden
  • The Woods
  • Sand Arena
  • Mines

Clan Spawners

Level 24 clan spawner in Palace.

Exploration Poles

There are three level 10 exploration poles that can be found throughout Aston.


Created by MartinIronwill

Sewer Map