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Potions in alchemy are made of four components; flowers, berries, mushrooms and stones.

Flowers determine the stat of the potion.
Berries determine the duration.
Mushrooms determine the base strength.

Stones may add extra strength.

Duration of a potion adversely affects the strength of potion.
i.e. A 60 minute potion will be weaker than a 10 minute one.

Each large potion contains 9 spaces for a combination of flowers, mushrooms, a berry and stones.
Most potions will be made using 1 Hangot and 1 Ivnan for the mushrooms, as they give the highest strength.

Any space leftover in the potion can be filled with earth, fire, ice or hell stones.
Using stones makes a potion arch only.

Seasons and Moon Phases also play a part in Alchemy.

A Full Moon will give extra strength to your potion, but you will need to be an Alchemist for max strength.
An Equinox will also give extra strength to your potion, but you will still need to be an Alchemist for max strength. Master Alchemists receive double duration.
A Solstice will allow players to shake potions at max strength, as if they were a Master Alchemist. Master Alchemists receive double duration.

To make a +12/60 LMI potion, you would use BDEEF flowers, 1 Hangot mushroom, 1 Ivnan mushroom, 1 Azmey berry.
You will also need to be a Master Alchemist shaking on a Full Moon.


Berry Durations  
60 Minutes Azmey
10 Minutes Beelough
20 Minutes Ciuba
30 Minutes Dyelshi
One Flower Recipes  
A Wisdom
B Intuition
C Agility
D Strength
E Hitpoints
F Mana
G Endurance
Two Flower Recipes  
EF Hitpoints Mana
EG Hitpoints Endurance
FG Mana Endurance
Three Flower Recipes  
ABB Bartering
ABC Tactics
ABE Heal
ABF Bless
ACD Parry
BBC Stealth
BBG Perception
BCC Surround Hit
BCD Attack
BDG Warcry
BEF Lightning
CCD Sword
CCG Dagger
CDD Two-Handed
CDG Staff
CFG Freeze
DDE Rage
DDF Immunity
DEF Fire
EEF Magic Shield
EFF Duration
EFG Hitpoints Mana Endurance
Four Flower Recipes  
ABCD Attack Parry
BDEF Lightning Immunity
CDDF Staff Fire
CDEF Staff Lightning
CDFG Dagger Fire
CEFG Dagger Lightning
DDEF Fire Immunity
DEEF Magic Shield Immunity
Five Flower Recipes
ABBCD Hand to Hand Attack Parry
ABCCD Sword Attack Parry
ABCDD Two-Handed Attack Parry
BDEEF Lightning Magic Shield Immunity
CDDEF Attack Parry Immunity
DDEEF Fire Magic Shield Immunity