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Beginner’s Guide

Welcome To the Astonia Reborn Wiki

This Wiki is still in development but most of the needed information is here.

Character Building How to Play Tutorial

Character Building


As a warrior, your first experience should be invested in Sword, Attack, Parry and Tactics, since these are the primary skills needed for battle. Once the cost of either of these equals the cost of one Hitpoint, raise Hitpoints until its cost exceeds that of the skills’.

Once you have raised Sword, Attack, Parry and Tactics to about base eight (8), try raising Intuition, Agility and Strength. Once you start battling mages, you should also invest in Immunity.


Invest your first experience in Bless by raising Bless one (1) point, followed by: Bless (again); Dagger or Staff; Lightning Flash or Fire (or both); and Magic Shield. These are the most important spells and skills for the first few quests. Once the cost of any of these equals the cost of one (1) point of Mana, raise Mana until it exceeds the cost of the spells. Once you start battling mages, you should also invest in Immunity.

A mage is very difficult to play, especially in the beginning, but it offers many options and a variety of gameplay that a warrior can never attain. Remember to always bless yourself and to activate Magic Shield before engaging in combat.

Fighting Strategy

You can try to form alliances with other players to face the many adventures that await. An alliance between a mage and a warrior will be much stronger than an alliance composed of either two mages or two warriors.

When exploring the world, always carry at least two torches, one recall scroll, and a healing potion.
Also, it may serve you well to be brave and ask more experienced players for advice and guidance in the chat system by  typing /info <text> which will speak in the global information channel.


How To Play


In order to play, you have to login with steam Account which then creates a game Account for you. Anyone who has your character name and password can play your characters, so please keep your information to yourself. Click the “My Account” image below to create an account.

Create Character

In order to play the game you will need to “Create A Character”. Please log in to your account and create at least one character. Example of Create Character Area below.


Download and Install

To download this game please download Astonia Reborn through Steam.

Main Client Login

Below is the main client startup. Place the Character name and password you created in the username and password fields.

There are other options that can be selected as shown below.

Can’t Initialize DirectX? visit



The client screen is divided into seven parts:

1. Experience and Military Points bar
This area shows your current experience and military point progression. Experience bar is GREEN, military points is the RED bar underneath.

2. Equipment
The slots shown here indicate your equipment. This includes your weapons, your armor and everything else you wear.

3. In-Game time, Current Mirror, Equipment Lock, In-Game Help Guide, Questlog, and Exit.

4. Selected Character Description
This window shows the description of any Character you select to view by hovering over them using CTRL+Right-Click.

5. Stats
This list shows your stats – your attributes, your skills and spells. If you’re in shop-mode, it will show the contents of the shop instead. The same goes for loot-mode.

6. Chat
In this window you will see what other characters say to you, and you will be able to follow the general chat. Type /c1 <text> or /info <text> to speak in the Information channel.

Type /channel to see a list of all other channels.

7. Inventory
This is your backpack. It contains all the items you’re carrying with you, but which you are not using at the moment.




To walk, move your cursor to the place where you’d like to go, then LEFT CLICK on your destination.


Everything you hear and say is displayed in the chat window, at the bottom of your screen. To talk to a character standing next to you, just type what you’d like to say and hit ENTER. To say something in the general chat channel which will be heard by all other players, type: /c2 and hit ENTER. Use the PAGE_UP, PAGE_DOWN keys on your keyboard to scroll the chat window up and down.


To attack somebody, put your cursor over the character you’d like to attack, and then hit CTRL+LEFT CLICK.

Looking at characters

To look at a character, put your cursor over the character, and hit CTRL+RIGHT CLICK.

Looking at items

To look at an item, put your cursor over the character, and hit SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK.

Using/Picking up items, looting bodies

To use or pick up items, put your cursor over the item and hit SHIFT+LEFT CLICK. To give an item to another character, take the item by using SHIFT/LEFT CLICK, then pull it over the other character and hit CTRL+LEFT CLICK. To loot the corpses of slain enemies put your cursor over the body and hit SHIFT+LEFT CLICK.

Casting spells

To use a spell hit ALT and the corresponding number of the spell that appears on your screen. If you are a warrior, hit ALT 8 to use Warcry.


In your stats/skills window (bottom-left of your screen) you see red/blue lines below your skills. Blue indicates that you have enough experience points to raise the skill, red indicates that you don’t have enough experience. To raise a skill, click on the blue orb next to the skill.

In-game help

If you need help while playing the game, press F11 to access our help menu. You can also type: /help to see a listing of in-game commands you can use.

Leaving the game

To leave the game step on a blue square area and hit F12 or click the Exit button from option #3. You can also exit anywhere else in the game, but your character will stay in that same position for five minutes and risks being attacked.

First Quest

Your first quest will be to find Lydia, the daughter of Gwendylon the mage. She will ask you to find a potion which was stolen the night before. Lydia lives in the grey tower opposite to the fortress (the place where you arrived).